Dr. med. dent. Johannes Müller

Specialist in:

Specialist in reconstructive dentistry (prosthetics) with a focus on restoring aesthetics and chewing function from single teeth to complete dentures.

My focus is on planning, treatment and interdisciplinary coordination of dental restorations. As a reconstructive dentist, I accompany my patients from the initial diagnosis and planning to the completion of therapy in a conservative aftercare programme. I take great pleasure in providing individual solutions according to their wishes and the latest standards and in accompanying my patients empathically and with commitment.

Career development: My professional career began in Basel (Switzerland) when I started studying dentistry in 2010. After my exams, I completed a four-year continuing education programme in reconstructive dentistry at the University Dental Clinic of Basel, where I obtained the title of specialist in this field. I was then able to further deepen my expertise as a senior physician and pass on my specialist knowledge to colleagues.

Languages: German, Swiss German, English, French

More information on Dr. Johannes Müller:

University education, postgraduate specialisation and professional career:

  • 2010 - 2015 Study of dentistry at the University of Basel (CH)
  • 2017 Promotion to Dr. med. dent. "Evaluation of ISO 4049: water sorption and water solubility of resin cements
  • 2015 - 2019 Continuing education assistant in the Clinic for Reconstructive Dentistry (Clinic Director Prof. Dr. N. Zitzmann PhD) at the University Centre for Dentistry Basel (CH)
  • 2019 Appointment as senior physician
  • 2019 Specialist in reconstructive dentistry
  • 2020 Employee dentist at the LMU Polyclinic for Prosthetics  (Direction Prof. Dr. D. Edelhoff)
  • 10/ 2020 to present Harder & Mehl Practice Clinic - Dentistry and Implantology
  • Müller JA, Rohr N, Fischer J. Evaluation of ISO 4049: water sorption and water solubility of resin cements. Eur J Oral Sci 2017; 00: 1–10.

  • Glauser S, Astasov-Frauenhoffer M, Müller JA, Fischer J, Waltimo T, Rohr N. Bacterial colonization of resin composite cements: influence of material composition and surface roughness. Eur J Oral Sci 2017; 125: 294–302.

  • Rohr N, Müller JA, Fischer J. Influence of Ambient Temperature and Light-curing Moment on Polymerization Shrinkage and Strength of Resin Composite Cements. Oper Dent 2017

  • Rohr N, Balmer M, Müller JA, Märtin S, Fischer J. Chewing simulation of zirconia implant supported restorations. J Prosthodont Res. 2019 doi: 10.1016

  • Berli C, Thieringer F, Sharma N, Müller JA, Dedem P, Fischer J, Rohr N. Comparing the mechanical properties of pressed, milled, and 3D-printed resins for occlusal devices. J Prosdent Res. 2019 doi: 10.10.16


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