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Modern and sophisticated dentistry requires a range of complex equipment. Our dental clinic has the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment procedures, which are essential for high quality dental care as well as comprehensive oral surgery.

Digital X-ray

In our clinic, we exclusively use digital low-radiation X-ray machines. The digital volume tomography (DVT) captures three-dimensional bone structures of the midface and lower jaw. This way, sensitive structures such as blood vessels and nerves can be made accurately visible while still being maximally conserved.

Optical Systems and Operating Microscope

In our doctor's office, it is standard procedure to use magnifying systems/glasses with LED lights during an examination or treatment. In very complex cases and in every endodontic treatment (root canal treatment), an operating microscope with up to 20x magnification is used.

Intraoral Camera

By using intraoral cameras in every treatment unit, we are able to demonstrate the success of your treatment to you directly on a display screen. This way, you can review the quality of our treatment at any given time.

Optical Impression

In our clinic, we use an optical-digital impression system for teeth. The clinician gently guides the scanner across the structures to be captured in the mouth of the patient. The result can then be observed by the doctor and the patient immediately. By directly transferring the data onto a milled model, this system ensures the highest degree of precision in the production of the denture.

Ultrasound-driven Bone Surgery (Piezoelectric Surgery)

Within the scope of surgical procedures on bones in our clinic, we use the so-called Piezotome II® (ultrasound-driven bone surgery). With the Piezotome we are able to make extremely precise cuts in the bone. The piezo-method prevents nerves, blood vessels, or other sensitive structures in the bone from being injured.

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