Our treatment concept

Our treatment concept is simple: We want to determine what is the best dental treatment option for you. In this endeavour every individual solution must meet our high standards for medical quality.

We aim to be more than just a dental practice. What we offer you is a centre of excellence for all areas of modern and science-based dentistry: This ranges from professional dental care to complex rehabilitation of difficult situations at the outset.

Information and consultation

During your first appointment with us, we will mainly explain to you what our findings are and discuss the relevant treatment options with you in detail. Based on this, together with you we will decide on how the treatment is to proceed.

Preservative Pretreatment

Our trained specialist staff takes upon itself the restoration of optimum oral hygiene in patients. The next step is removing oral conditions (treatment for tooth decay and periodontitis) by means of gentle procedures of therapy that are easy on the patient. A structured and regular recall system ensure that new issues are prevented. It also helps to keep your teeth healthy in the long-term.

Further specialized treatment

Our team of specialists will be available for any other treatments you may ever need. By having focused on individual specialist fields such as surgical augmentation techniques (bone augmentation), implantology or endodontics (root canal treatment), we ensure that any follow-up treatment provided will be taken care of by a dentist who is particularly qualified in his or her respective area.

Digital Dentistry

Our clinic ensures consistent quality by means of digital process chains. From the impression to the manufacturing of your dental prosthesis with homogenous industrial ceramics to the implant planning, we use computer-aided systems. For consistent quality and documentation.

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