Adhesive prosthetics

Adhesive prosthetics are used in restoration bonding in order to replace missing teeth.

This is a very gentle method. Its esthetic result makes it ideal for the replacement of missing front teeth. Especially for adolescent patients, for whom implanting is not a feasible option due to jaw growth. Adhesive prosthetics therefore offer the most suitable alternative.


Prosthetic with adhesive bridges offers many advantages, especially for adolescent patients.

Advantages of adhesive prosthetic

  • Low level of invasiveness
  • No irritation for pulp
  • No local anesthesia needed
  • Periodontal prophylaxis by fixed restoration
  • Maintenance of conventional preventive alternatives

Advantages for patients

  • Suitable for adolescents for the growing of jaw finishes
  • Unnoticed removal of an adhesive casement if not possible (lower risk of caries)
  • Neighboring teeth are not blocked
  • Simplified preparation


In principle, we recommend all our patients to have an individual consultation before any treatment.

If possible then the debonding of the multi-bond device should not take place before this appointment.

Possible indications for adhesive prosthetic

  • Single tooth gaps, especially non-aligned.
  • Width of the gap should correspond to the width of the tooth to be replaced.
  • Neighboring teeth are caries free (small fillings are acceptable)
  • Application after the growth of canine teeth and horizontal jaw
  • 8 weeks of waiting time after the active movement of the tooth has been completed

Dental prosthesis: Adhesive bridge instead of an implant

You do not always have to get implants. This video, complete with pictures taken before and after the treatment, shows you when the use of adhesive bridges might make sense.

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