Crowns and bridges

In cases in which a large part of a tooth has been damaged, crownshelp restore the remaining tooth substance. All-ceramic crowns are a standard solution in these cases.

Advantages of all-ceramic crowns:

  • Great look
  • High durability and stability.
  • Precise fitting and highly biologically compatible


Bridges are a permanent solution for the replacement of one or several teeth. A bridge replacing one tooth and free-end fixed partial dentures. Bridges replacing one tooth consist of two crowned teeth that essentially “carry” the missing tooth between them. With free-end fixed partial dentures the two teeth before the gap function as pillars. The body of the bridge covers the gap.

Bridges consist of a rigid frame and a ceramic veneer. High-performance ceramics or metal alloys are used in addition as framework material.

Dental prosthesis: Adhesive bridge instead of an implant

You do not always have to get implants. This video, complete with pictures taken before and after the treatment, shows you when the use of adhesive bridges might make sense.

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