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Our own dental laboratory led by master dental technicians offers you high-quality denture in perfect esthetics and quality manufactured directly in our laboratories. In this respect you can rely on the competent and professional use of the latest technology as well as on an ideal and trustful cooperation between dentists and our dental technicians.

Within the different categories of esthetic dentistry, we work according to the highest technical standards in our dental laboratory. Esthetics and function as well as implant-borne restorations are the specialist fields of our dental laboratory.

Dentistry by a Master Hand

A Glimpse into the World of Dentistry

Just like dental medicine, dentistry is a broad field nowadays. To show you what we do and what we create in our master-run laboratory, you can find a small selection below.

What we do

We have a clear concept of modern dentistry – the combination of of the finest handcraft and digital CAD/CAM-technology. We have very high standards in our dental laboratory and fulfill the same quality standards as in our dental procedures. Therefore, the presentation of a successful dental technical piece of work on the model is just as aesthetically pleasing to us as the optimally fitted restoration on the patient's tooth. Get a first-hand impression of the possibilities of modern dentistry, which meets the requirements of the field of cosmetic dentistry.

Models are copies of a set of teeth. They are the foundation of all dental works. An impression of our teeth and gingiva is taken and then cast with gypsum. In the gallery above you can see models prior to any procedures but after the grinding for dental crowns and bridges.

A wax-up is the diagnostic visualization of the planned denture treatment of a patient, and is done before beginning the actual procedure. The wax-up allows the dentist and the patient to decide on the desired form of the dentures. It also shows which measures must be undertaken within the scope of the full treatment to reach the desired results, such as additional implants, bone augmentation, gingiva corrections etc.

Partial crowns are a therapeutic option if the destroyed area of the tooth is too large for a filling or an onlay, but is also too small for a dental crown. This way, we can save tooth substance when grinding the tooth, as we have to replace only the defect parts of the tooth. Nowadays partial crowns are made out of milled or pressed ceramic.

Fixed implant-borne single-tooth crowns are usually full-ceramic crowns. This way, the soft tissue has contact only with very biologically compatible materials such as lithium disilicate or zirconium oxide ceramics. The secure connection between the tooth and the implant is achieved with a titanium base. Single-tooth crowns can be screwed into the implant or can be cemented onto an intermediate structure (abutment).

Fixed implant-borne single-tooth crowns

A cooperative case of PD Dr. Sönke Harder & dental technician Bastian Wagner.

Replacing bad front crowns - First case of the month November 2017

Veneer is a thin ceramic shell used in the front tooth region to fix aesthetic and functional deficits. The veneer is glued onto the tooth, which has been polished in the area of the defect, and can thus optimize the tooth color, form, and positioning.

Tooth-borne full-ceramic bridges are used when one or more teeth are missing. Small bridges can be pressed out of lithium disilicate ceramic to replace a single tooth in the front tooth region. If more than one tooth is missing, they may be replaced with bridges with zirconium oxide ceramics or metal frameworks, where the ceramic base frame is blended with the other materials. A special type of dental bridges are the zirconium oxide bridges, where a complete denture is milled out of one ceramic block. This type of full-ceramic bridge is extremely stable and is used when patients suffer from extreme teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism).

Permanent implant-supported single crowns are usually made of full ceramics. This means that the soft tissue will be in contact only with biologically well compatible materials such as lithium disilicate ceramics or zirconium oxide ceramics. The titanium basis guarantees that the implant will be securely kept in place. Single crowns may be screwed into the implant. Alternatively, they may be cemented onto an intermediate structure (abutment).

Fixed implant-borne dental bridges are used to replace several missing teeth. Full-ceramic bridges made of lithium disilicate or zirconium oxide ceramics are used in the front tooth region to guarantee an optimal aesthetic appearance. In the posterior tooth region we use bridges with an inner metal framework to achieve the maximum service life even when subjected to large chewing forces.

A special type of an implant-borne bridge is the screwed dental arch. This type of denture allows a fixed form of tooth replacement with only 4 implants in the upper and the lower jaw, respectively, and this is used in the case of complete edentulism (toothlessness).  With a special surgical method we can insert this type of denture on the same day as the implantation and it can be stressed immediately. Here you can find out more about the procedure “Get strong teeth within a day”.

In the early 90s fully ceramic adhesive bridges were introduced as a minimally invasive prosthetic therapeutic method. This enables us to replace lost anterior and posterior teeth without losing large amounts of tooth substance due to grinding. By now they are an established treatment option for the aesthetic replacement of anterior teeth in the upper and lower jaw. Adolescents that are still growing and are missing teeth may especially profit from this method. Adhesive bridges are also a financially beneficial alternative to implants or conventional dental bridges.

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