Harder & Mehl

Research and training centre

As a patient of our clinic for dentistry and implantology, you benefit directly from our many years of teaching and research activity. We directly integrate improved treatment methods and the latest scientific knowledge in our daily treatments. With our own research results, we participate in a constant improvement of medical procedures particularly in the field of implantology. 

If you work for the dental industry and have interesting projects or if new materials are to be examined or if you are interested in clinical research, please do not hesitate to contact us, preferably by email (contact).

Get to know our visiting dentists

Research & teaching from our dental practice in Munich

Cand. med. dent. Jonas Niepmann, Kiel University

March 2017

Cand. med. dent. Dornaz Hadjian, Kiel University

March 2016


Cand. med. dent. Philip Schmid, Kiel University

March 2016

Cand. med. dent. Christian Weitkamp, Kiel University

March 2016

ZA Yannik Schadow, Kiel University, Germany

November 2015

Cand. med. dent. Daniel Schilling, Kiel University, Germany

July 2015

ZA Niclas-Karl Meinke, doctoral candidate of PD Dr. C.J. Mehl, Kiel University, Germany

July 2015

ZA Andreas Nagy and ZA Wojtek Libecki, Department of Prosthetics, Kiel University, Germany

March 2015

Cand. med. dent. Anna Zimmermann, Kiel University

March 2015

Cand. med. dent. Eva Peuckert, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

October 2014

Dr. med. dent. Anne Garling, Kiel University

August 2014

Dr Jun Lin, DMD, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

August 2014

Daria Dudka, Irkutsk University, Russia

August 2014

Cand. med. dent. Andreas Nagy, Kiel University

August 2013

Dr. med. dent. Merlind Becker, Kiel University

July 2013

Teaching position at Kiel University

PD Dr Harder und PD Dr Mehl are permanent lectures at the Clinic for Dental Prosthetics, Propadeutics and Material Science at Kiel University. This clinic is a leader internationally in the area of adhesive and implant prosthetics. In their capacity as teachers at this institution they work with dentistry students during clinical semesters.

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