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Whether replacing individual teeth or mounting entire prostheses on implants – modern implantology offers many gentle and safe possibilities. Besides dental prostheses, these treatments are a core competence of our Munich practice clinic’s treatment activities.

Thanks to the latest dental implants, you can get your strong bite back in a short period of time, without compromising in looks. You can barely tell the difference between the look and feel of implants and real teeth. Dental implants are indispensable in modern dentistry, giving quality of life to millions of people worldwide. Implant-mounted crowns, bridges, and even prostheses, can perfectly close tooth gaps without ruining adjacent teeth. The artificial tooth root ensures that the jaw bone will not recede any further.

Fitting a dental implant is, however, an oral surgical procedure, which places very high demands on the experience and skill of the dentist. In our practice clinic for dentistry and implantology, we have many years of experience in setting dental implants and can offer our patients the best possible dental prostheses.

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We strive to offer every patient the best advice and treatment possible. This is why we take time to give you comprehensive and honest information on all aspects of the implant treatment. We only work with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic methods at the highest scientific level. In addition, our own professional dental laboratory offers first-class dental prostheses with perfect quality and aesthetics – made on-site. With us, you get a lifetime guarantee for your dental implants and a 6-year guarantee for your dental prostheses!

The Harder & Mehl Practice Clinic in Munich is certified as a specialist implantology practice by the DGI (German Association of Oral Implantology). This officially confirms our outstanding qualifications and skill in implantology, as well as the required high number of dental implant and bone augmentation operations each year.

In our practice clinic in Munich, over 700 dental implants are placed each year, in conjunction with bone-building procedures (augmentation). Our clinical experience ensures the success of your dental implant treatment.

In addition, our dentists PD Dr Christian Mehl and PD Dr Sönke Harder are habilitated University professors and teach dental implantology and prosthetics at the Christian-Albrechts University (CAU) in Kiel. In operating an academic teaching practice, both have been involved in clinical research and the development of dental implant systems for more than 10 years, and regularly train dentists and students in the fields of implantology and prosthetics.

We only perform surgical procedures (setting the implant, bone augmentation, etc.) in our modern operating theatre. This means that we can fulfil all hygiene requirements of professional quality management for outpatient operations.

We perform more extensive procedures, in which several dental implants are placed at the same time, under twilight seep or outpatient general anaesthesia, depending on your preference. These are always supervised by our anaesthesia team. After the surgery, you can relax in a comfortable recovery room until the effect of the anaesthesia wears off.

Using our state-of-the-art digital volume tomography (DVT), we perform all imaging operations to the highest precision with minimal radiation exposure. In addition, we are one of the few dental practices in Munich with the possibility to photo-functionalise implant surfaces. For you, this means improved acceptance of the implant, and thus more safety!

How dental implants work

An implant takes over the function of the natural tooth root. This artificial tooth root is usually made of titanium and makes it possible to safely replace teeth with the right look.

Working principle of dental implants

Strong third teeth in one day

With the “All-on-4™” method, we can offer highest-quality tooth replacement. This method is particularly useful if there are no teeth left or if complete tooth loss is imminent.

Strong third teeth in one day

Bone augmentation

If there is no longer enough jawbone to set the implant, we can gently rebuild it using various methods.

Bone augmentation

Navigated implantology

With the help of navigated implantology, we can use computers to simulate dental implants with high precision in advance of the treatment.

Navigated implantology

Placing Dental Implants

If teeth are missing, the dentist can place implants. In our video you will learn how the treatment works with illustrative before-and-after pictures.

New Teeth Thanks to Immediate Implantation

How is an immediate implantation performed? What are the characteristics of the treatment?

How do Modern Implant Prosthetics work?

How is an implant constructed? How do implants and crowns work together?

More Questions?

We answer common questions about implants in detail for you – and will gladly answer them in a personal consultation!

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