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Nervous patients

A lot of patients start feeling a bit shaky upon entering a dental practice. In some cases the patient’s inner unrest can be so severe that the patient suffers from heart palpitations, circulatory problems, and sweating.

According to estimates between five and ten per cent of Germans suffer from dentist phobia. This makes it seem impossible for them to see a dentist. Those affected often are not aware that treatment can be performed under general anaesthetic. This also means that the patient will not feel any pain. At our dental practice in Munich we know how best to look after phobic patients: We make sure that your memories of your dental appointment will be good memories. We will also make sure that you will leave with a smile on your face.

We take your concerns seriously

Due to the fact that patients suffering from dentist phobia tend to put off their dental appointments until they have developed tooth decay or periodontitis or until individual teeth have been destroyed entirely, overcoming the resulting embarrassment can make this situation even worse. However, no patient coming to our practice will have to fear critical remarks - we take your fear and your concerns seriously. We will be on your side from day one.

Our practice clinic is well-equipped for the treatment of phobic patients. We will patiently explain to you what steps need to be taken to restore your oral health, what alternatives there are, and how we can make this treatment as pleasant as possible. Thorough explanations give you certainty: You will know exactly what to expect. Along with the technical requirements and the consultation rooms needed, we can provide the peace and quiet necessary to be your strong and reliable partner in this endeavour.

Dental treatment under general anaesthetic or sedation

Depending on the severity of your phobia there may be several methods that can help us make your treatment as pleasant as possible: You may opt for local anaesthetics while listening to music during your treatment. Alternatively you can put on video glasses that allow you to watch comedy while you are on the dentist’s chair. If you prefer to sleep through your treatment, you can opt for sedation or general anaesthetics. During sedation (also known as analgosedation) you remain conscious but you will be in a state of trace or you will be dreaming. The duration of the treatment will seem much shorter than it actually is. The next step up is general anaesthetics. This involves a professional team of anaesthetists putting you into a state of deep sleep. We will be more than glad to discuss with you which option might be best suited for you individually.


Our team of experienced dentists and anaesthetists safe and completely pain-free treatment is a possibility.

In a lot of cases all it takes is one appointment in order to restore your oral health. Even if you have lost all of your teeth, our “All on 4™” procedure allows us to restore your teeth in just one day. Take the courage to take the first step towards oral health. You can make sure that, in future, thinking about your teeth will put a smile on your teeth.

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