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Tooth Preservation

Tooth preservation is paramount in guaranteeing healthy and beautiful teeth into old age. Those who regularly take precautionary measures and have a dentist perform a professional tooth cleaning, can effectively prevent diseases such as periodontitis or inflammation of the tooth root.

Our first therapeutic goal is always to preserve your natural tooth. Only when this is no longer possible do we apply our other areas of expertise – dental prostheses and implantology.

To offer you the best possible care, all our dentists are specialists in their fields of expertise. We offer our patients comprehensive dental care – from endodontics and periodontics to professional tooth cleaning and oral surgery.

We work only with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic techniques that meet the most discerning scientific standards, and we will take the time to give you a comprehensive and honest explanation of all aspects of the treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

At our practice in Munich, we perform root canal treatments according to the guidelines of the German Society for Endodontics and the Society of Master Endodontists. You can rely on the technical knowledge and expertise of Dr Basel, our specialist in endodontics.

Root Canal Treatment


We specialise in the treatment of periodontal disease. We work as gently as possible, and place great emphasis on after-care – for a lifetime without symptoms.

Periodontal Treatment

Professional Tooth Cleaning

Professional tooth cleaning is the safest and most effective method to maintain your dental health. It should therefore be performed on a regular basis. Our team of professionals will take good care of your oral hygiene.

Professional Tooth Cleaning

Dental Fillings

After removing tooth decay, there remains a small hole in the tooth in which bacteria can nestle. If a tooth is damaged like this by tooth decay, we can replace the lost tooth substance with a filling, a full ceramic inlay, or – for larger defects – a partial crown.

Dental fillings

Oral Surgery

We offer a wide range of oral surgeries, ranging from wisdom tooth extraction and cyst removal to root tip resectioning. We can always perform larger surgeries under mild anaesthesia (sedation) or general anaesthesia.

Oral Surgery

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We answer commonly asked questions about tooth preservation in detail – and will gladly answer them in a personal consultation!

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