Orthodontics for adults: Aesthetic treatment with braces in Munich

Adults often have discerning demands regarding orthodontic treatment: They wish to have inconspicuous braces placed and expect detailed consulting. Our dental practice in Munich Neuhausen offers exactly this service. We only treat adults and are looking forward to helping you realise your dream of attractive, straight teeth.

Why braces make sense for many adults

Braces are not just for teenagers. There are many convincing arguments in favour of orthodontic treatments for adults as well. Many adults missed the opportunity to realign their teeth as children and are not satisfied with their crooked set of teeth as a result. Others developed misalignments at a later age, or redeveloped misalignments as a result of insufficient after-treatment. However, it is never too late to correct misaligned teeth!

Corrections may be advised in the following cases:

  • Aesthetics:
    Braces can remedy unattractive gaps and crowded teeth positioning as well as straighten out tilted teeth.
  • Preparation for dentures treatment/preprosthetic treatment:
    Tilted teeth often require correction to allow for aesthetically appealing prosthetic treatment. A brace can also help with bone augmentations with dentures or guarantee minimally invasive treatment.
  • Pre-implantological/surgical treatment
  • Reconstruction after severe periodontitis:
    Orthodontics treatment can remove the black triangles between teeth that might form as a result of periodontitis. It additionally guarantees proper support and interlocking with incisors that are tilted inwards.
  • Bite correction:
    If the upper incisors clearly cover the front teeth of the lower jaw, this is called a deep overbite. If this is combined with a closed bite, they are additionally tilted inwards. These misalignments can be fixed with braces. A forced bite – incorrect clenching of the jaws – can also be fixed.

What modern orthodontic options are there?

We will gladly consult you on the various types of braces at our dental practice in Munich. Which treatment type is right for you depends on the misalignment situation on the one hand, and on your preferences on the other hand. As a rule, adults have the same systems available to them as teenagers. Older patients usually place greater value on cosmetically appealing braces, as they take the demands of their professional lives into consideration.

Fixed fittings have the benefit of staying in one place, day and night. This allows them to effectively realign the teeth. With removeable braces, the success and duration of the treatment depends on how regularly they are worn. They do offer the opportunity to remove your braces before important appointments.

We offer common fixed braces as well as invisible lingual technology at our practice. We do not work with regular removeable fitting braces, as many adults would rather opt for inconspicuous splints instead, such as Invisalign®. Your sense of well-being is our top priority with brace treatments!

All orthodontists who normally treat children can also treat adults; however, not every practice offers the invisible models that adults usually prefer.

Dental correction procedure

The treatment is very similar for adults and teenagers. However, skeletal growth cannot be influenced anymore with adults, which means that functional orthodontic treatments are no longer possible. The removeable braces used for these treatments use the natural forces of the masticatory muscles.

Many patients are referred to a specialist practice for orthodontic treatments by their general dentist. Of course, you can also schedule an appointment with us without a referral. The first consulting session carries no obligations and usually takes around half an hour. We are looking forward to your visit!

At the beginning of the treatment, we perform an accurate analysis of the condition of your dental apparatus. Besides the clinical assessment of the misalignment, X-ray images, photographs, impressions, and plaster models help us make a diagnosis. We use these data to draft an individual treatment and cost schedule, which we gladly discuss with you in detail. If there are various therapy options available, we of course explain all benefits and downsides to you. This offers you a comprehensive picture of the situation and a solid foundation to base your decision on.

The further treatment procedure depends on the type of braces you receive. Fixed dental instruments are fitted in around two hours, removeable models are fitted much faster; however, it is very important to observe the scheduled follow-up appointments. This way, we can ensure – together with you – that you can soon flash your attractive, straight smile.

You will visit our Munich practice once every four to eight weeks. This allows us to assess the progress of the corrective measures. The duration of this treatment phase depends on the initial misalignment and your expectations. The therapy rarely lasts longer than two years. Smaller misalignments can be fixed faster.

The chances of success vary, and also depend on your cooperation. We will gladly elucidate your possibilities during a personal consultation. As a rule of thumb, teeth move around one millimetre per month with braces. The first changes can be seen after a few weeks.

After the treatment is completed, it is necessary to stabilise the result. You will receive a so-called retainer at our practice in Munich to support this process. These retainers are either fixed, delicate wires or removeable braces that you wear at night. They ensure that your teeth stay straight for a long time to come.

Does my insurance cover the costs for braces?

Statutory health insurance usually does not cover the costs for adult orthodontic treatments. Private health insurance providers sometimes reimburse all costs, sometimes only in part, and sometimes not at all. The exact costs vary greatly and, above all, depend on the scope and duration of the treatment.

Any questions?

We answer common questions about orthodontics in detail for you – also gladly in a personal consultation!

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