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Professional Tooth Cleaning

Beautiful teeth and a natural self-confident smile signal joy and professional as well as personal success. White and harmonically shaped teeth make people attractive, they exude healthiness and zest for life as well as a well-groomed overall impression and personality. To be able to maintain the same high quality we frequently send our prevention team to continuous professional development courses.

Professional dental care / prevention: best done regularly

Professional dental cleaning is the most effective and the safest method of maintaining healthy and beautiful teeth - for a lifetime. You can count on our White Professionals team to support you by providing careful check-ups and individual advice.

Professional dental cleaning done by trained specialist

Professional dental cleaning is exclusively done by specialised practice staff. First of all the area above the gums is subjected to thorough dental cleaning. In this sonar devices or ultrasound devices are used. The next step is to remove plaque even in those areas that tend to be difficult to reach. Special hand-held tools are used to achieve this. Finally polishing pastes are applied to remove any remaining discolourations from the teeth. Polishing pastes also help smoothen the surface of the teeth, and they make them a bright shine.

Air-flow technology

Air-flow technolofy is based on innovative powder steel technology (air-flow master) that helps to gently remove plaque and discolourations. The high-gloss polishing and fluoridation that follow will put a radiant smile on your face.

Tooth cleaning

Professional dental cleaning: Before and after


This video shows what a patient's teeth look like prior to and following professional dental cleaning, and why good oral hygiene matters.

Oral hygiene and nutritional advice

Oral hygiene and nutritional counselling changing your habits in terms of dental care and nutrition often helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful. Our specialists will explain to you how to use the appropriate dental hygiene products by yourself and how you can do this at home.

More Questions?

We answer commonly asked questions about tooth preservation in detail – and will gladly answer them in a personal consultation!

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